Saturday ‘Best Of’

Luv u’r blog theme! Thanks for the recipe and awesome comic. ☼♥☼

The Practical Mystic

I know, I know, I’ve changed my blog theme again (cue eye roll). I have no rationale, except…I feel like things are shifting and changing in my life, and things that felt comfortable before don’t fit all of a sudden. Hands up who thinks the energy of this year has been a little strange? All stop-start-reverse- meditate-zen-wtf is going on here? Astrologically, it has been one retrograde after another, as well as planets resting in signs where they don’t feel comfortable (like Mars in Libra – think Rocky taking tea with Gandhi. Yes, they will both learn something, but boy is it uncomfortable). And now, finally – we are free, all systems go. Do you feel it?

Anyway, I had an idea for a Saturday morning post, starting…today! Ta Dah 🙂

Inspired by a five day positivity challenge on Facebook, every Saturday, I am going to share my ‘Best Of’

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