Stop Dumping Heavy Metals into our Drinking Water


Stop Dumping Heavy Metals into our Drinking Water

Big Agriculture dumps millions of tons of toxic pollution into our waterways every year. Despite the known health and environmental risks, these giant companies continue discharging toxins including heavy metals and nitrates into rivers, streams and lakes, threatening wildlife and people. Demand action to protect our water from greedy corporations.

And please help with these important causes:

Cancel Show Celebrating Slaughter of Threatened Animals

A young woman is killing threatened African animals in hopes of getting her own television show. Speak out against this selfish slaughter, and call on the network to cancel plans for her new series.

Free All Captive Whales and Dolphins in Europe

Intelligent marine mammals, such as bottlenose dolphins and orca whales, are forced to perform for audiences all around the world. The European Union is one of the worst offenders and holds little respect for these amazing animals. Urge the EU to finally free its captive whales and dolphins.

Denounce Sexist, Biased Supreme Court Ruling

Companies can now deny female employees important contraceptive care. This new rule directly targets women and makes obtaining healthcare much more difficult and expensive. Protest this unfair decision and show your support for women’s rights. 

Demand Sexual Assault Crimes Are Punished

Tens of thousands of sexual assault cases are left unaddressed for years, never providing justice for the victims. A proposed program would help fix this problem and ensure that the perpetrators are punished. Support this policy and help ensure justice for sexual assault survivors.


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