Save Rare, Endangered Wild Cats from Extinction


Save Rare, Endangered Wild Cats from Extinction

The last surviving ocelots and jaguars in the U.S. are threatened by a giant mining project. Demand protections for these incredibly rare and wondrous animals.

And please help with these important causes:

End Commercial Whaling

Despite being banned in 1986, commercial whaling continues today. Thousands of whales die inhumane deaths each year for this cruel and illegal industry. Demand an end to commercial whaling once and for all.

Don’t Allow Toxic Fish in School Lunches

A Maine school district is considering adding a mercury-laden fish to its lunch menu in a misguided attempt to promote the local food movement. Tell this school district to prioritize the health of its students when serving local seafood.

Success: President Obama to Act on Immigration Reform

After months of congressional inaction, the president has announced that he will use his powers to work towards immigration reform. Thank the president for turning his attention to this important issue.

Demand Shell Oil Stop Exploiting its Power

Shell Oil Company has an unhealthy influence on the minds of our youth through a popular children’s toy made by Lego. Lego features toy sets with the Shell logo printed on the blocks. Influencing young minds to support destructive industries is morally unsound.Urge Lego to stop working with Shell Oil.

Save Wild Chilean Horses from Hunters

Wild horses in Patagonia are being hunted to extinction. These majestic creatures have roamed freely across this land for centuries, yet modern hunters are pushing the wild horse population towards collapse. Demand protections for the wild horses from hunters.


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