♪Luka Sulic – Rachmaninov Vocalise

LIVE in Lisinski Concert Hall, Zagreb 2011. Luka Šulić is a Croatian – Slovenian cellist. He is a member of 2Cellos, along with Stjepan Hauser.

Vocalise, Op. 34, No. 14 is a song by Sergei Rachmaninoff, published in 1912 as the last of his “Fourteen Songs”, Op. 34. Written for voice (soprano or tenor) with piano accompaniment, it contains no words, but is sung using any one vowel (of the singer’s choosing). It was dedicated to soprano Antonina Nezhdanova.

Of course Anna Moffo’s soulful interpretation, slower tempo, expressing the most delicate pianissimi♥

Saul via John Smallman – You Are All Mirrors To One Another – 7-13-14

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All are One.  You have all heard this many, many times already, but as humans, as apparently separate unconnected individuals, it is very difficult for you to really comprehend this absolute Truth.  In the illusion separation seems intensely real, especially if you become suddenly and unexpectedly parted from a loved one.  Individuality is an intensely felt sensation when you dwell on it, and apart from moments when you are physically embracing someone you dearly love, you are very, very glad to be an individual, totally separate from those seemingly weird strangers among whom you wander as you go about your daily chores.  Most of you would most definitely not want to actually be one with anybody else, even your most dearly beloved, because you value your own personal experiences so highly and fear that they would be gone if you lost your individuality.  Plus of…

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♪Anna Moffo “Un bel di vedremo” Madama Butterfly

Un bel di, vedremo
Levarsi un fil di fumo sull’estremo
Confin del mare.
E poi la nave appare.
Poi la nave bianca
Entra nel porto, rumba il suo saluto.
Vedi? E venuto!
Io non gli scendo incontro. Io no.
Mi metto
La sul ciglio del colle e aspetto, e aspetto
Gran tempo e non mi pesa
La lunga attesa.
E…uscito dalla folla cittadina
Un uom, un picciol punto
S’avvia per la collina.
Chi sarà? Chi sarà?
E come sarà giunto?
Che dirà? Che dirà?
Chiamerà Butterfly dalla lontana.
Io senza dar risposta
Me ne starò nascosta
Un po’ per celia, e un po’ per non morire
Al primo incontro, ed egli alquanto in pena
Chiamerà, chiamerà:
“Piccina mogliettina
Olezzo di verbena,”
I nomi che mi dava al suo venire.
Tutto questo avverrà, te lo prometto.
Tienti la tua paura, – io son sicura
Fede l’aspetto.

One fine day, we’ll notice
A thread of smoke arising on the sea
In the far horizon,
And then the ship appearing.
Then the trim white vessel
Glides into the harbor,
Thunders forth her cannon.
See you? He is coming!
I do not go to meet him.
Not I. I stay
Upon the brow of the hillock and wait, and wait
For a long time, but never weary
Of the long waiting.
From out the crowded city,
There is coming a man –
A little speck in the distance, climbing the hillock.
Can you guess who it is?
And when he’s reached the summit
Can you guess what he’ll say?
He will call “Butterfly” from the distance.
I, without answering,
Hold myself quietly concealed,
A bit to tease him, and a bit so as not to die
At our first meeting; and then, a little troubled,
He will call, he will call:
“Dear baby-wife of mine, dear little orange-blossom!
The names he used to call me when he came here.
This will all come to pass, just as I tell you.
Banish your idle fears – for he’ll return, I know it.

Here’s Raina Kabaivanska most dramatic rendition of Cio-Cio-San: