Stop Horrific Seal Slaughter!


Stop Horrific Seal Slaughter

Tens of thousands of baby and adult seals are brutally beaten and killed each year during Canada’s seal hunt. Demand the slaughter be canceled immediately.

And please help with these important causes:

Outlaw Inhumane Live Pigeon Shoots

Shooting live pigeons out of the air after launching them from spring-loaded boxes is a hideously cruel but still legal sport. Demand a ban on this horrific practice.

Stop Selling Guns to Domestic Violence Offenders

Criminals convicted of domestic abuse and stalking may still legally purchase guns, due to loopholes in the law. Support closing the loopholes so dangerous individuals cannot obtain guns.

Stand Up for Honeybees and Imperiled Pollinators

Honeybees are in a state of disastrous decline, caused by the overuse of pesticides. Food plants that bees pollinate are suffering as a result. Show your support for decisive action to protect bees and other important pollinators.

Support Women’s Rights and Reproductive Health

Hundreds of millions of women lack access to modern birth control in countries around the world. Demand improved availability of family planning resources and women’s health care.

Fix Radioactive Leaks at Nuclear Disaster Site

A leak at the Japanese nuclear meltdown site is spewing thousands of gallons of radioactive waste into the ocean every day. Demand the energy company responsible for the plant fix the leak and resume cleanup efforts.


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