all one bucket

Alice thank you for being mindful about water use and sharing your conservation tips! I totally agree with you about home gardens and self sufficiency. I’ve recently reblogged about an elderly Florida women who lived “off the grid”, generating her own power through the use of solar panels and collecting rainwater off her barn’s roof. She recycles all of her waste, food scraps back into her organic garden and irrigates with collected rain. She’s practically 100% self sufficient. However, some bureaucrat from her local county found out about it through the local news station who covered her story. The county decided that it was “illegal” to use rainwater (from your own property) and be “off the grid”. Therefore, they ordered her to stop gardening, and begin paying for water/ sewer to be connected to her house. The official said it was county regulation, and she had 60 days to comply or risk losing her home. She’s in the process of fighting these charges in court. It’s totally nuts, we should all follow her example, not to be punished by local gov’t agencies stepping on our rights to live free, consciously, and be in harmony with our environment. Sadly our “for profit” government answers to private enterprise, their greed knows no bounds. They see everything, even people, as a commodity to exploit and profit from. Thanks again for speaking out, humanity cannot continue wasting earth’s natural resources indefinitely, there will come a day of reckoning and we’ll all pay the price.

2 thoughts on “all one bucket

  1. Thanks for the re-blog. I especially enjoyed the intro you wrote. I agree. We should all be following the lead of the woman who took herself “off the grid”. I had imagined that the government was in place to support he well-being of the population that’s paying the salaries. Maybe I missed something in high school government education class.

    Thanks again for your re-blog. 🙂


    • Yes, state sponsored educational programming does seem to have that doublethink/ doublespeak effect. Civics class, ahh that’s GITNIP for ya (good in theory, not in practice). Our founding fathers warned us about big gov’t run amok.


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