Washington Post Mentions Lada Ray… and Misspells Her Name + Announcements

Lol, congrats you have arrived! The fact that MSM has referenced you means you’re a threat to the establishment, disseminating truth! Washington Post has always been about gov’t propaganda, yellow journalism at it’s worst. The fact that their publication is totally biased is an insult to the profession of journalism, Newspeak for the sheeple.
Congrats on your “fame” and successful interview with the Plane Truth. 🙂

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I received this comment from one of my very nice readers.

AllĂ´ Lada!!

Surprise!! Your fame is spreading far and wide!!

Look what I found at The Washington Post:
*********wrote blogger Lada Rey, in all-caps********

A comprehensive guide to the web’s many MH17 conspiracy theories

4. Ukraine shot the plane down to kill Vladimir Putin.
This rumor actually originated with Russia’s state-run Interfax news agency before seeping into the U.S. Per Interfax, Putin’s presidential jet flew the same route as MH17 at almost the same time, and his aircraft was the same size and coloring as the downed plane — leading some to speculate that the crash was an assassination attempt gone very wrong. (“This was a deliberate attempt to shoot down the Russian presidential plane carrying Vladimir Putin one his way from the Latin American visit,” wrote blogger Lada Rey, in all-caps.) But as…

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