♪Signore ascolta – Turandot

The Philharmonia Orchestra London – Tullio Serafin, Studioaufnahme Opernarien Puccini September 1954

La Divina – 1954 Signore, ascolta! from Act I of the Italian opera Turandot by Giacomo Puccini
Libretto: Giuseppe Adami

Role: Liú, a slave girl
Voice Part: soprano
Fach: lyric soprano
Setting: The streets of Peking
Synopsis: Liù, Calaf and Timur are in the midst of a processional to the execution of the Prince of Persia who attempted to win the Princess Turandot by answering three riddles. If he had given the correct answers, he would have married the Princess, but the price for incorrectly answering them was death. During the processional, Calaf catches a glimpse of Turandot, falls in love with her immediately, and decides to attempt to answer the three riddles. Liù sings this aria to beg him not to risk his life for the Princess.


Signore, ascolta! Deh!, signore, acolta!
Liù non regge più!
Si pezza il cuore! Ahimè,
quanto cammino
col tuo nome nell’anima
col nome tuo nell’labbra
Ma se il tuo destino,
doman, sarà deciso,
noi morrem sulla strada dell’esilio.
Ei perderà suo figlio…
io l’ombra d’un sorriso!
Liù non regge più!
ha pietà!

English Translation:
Lord, hear! Ah, sir, listen!
Liu no longer holds, it breaks my heart!
Alas, what with your name in my way,
with your name on the lips!
But if your fate will be decided tomorrow,
we die on the road of exile.
He would lose his son …I am the shadow of a smile.
Liu does not hold anymore!



Gran Teatro del Liceo de Barcelona, 1975     Soprano: Montserrat Caballe

2 thoughts on “♪Signore ascolta – Turandot

    • I’m fortunate & grateful to reside in NYC, I usually attend several at the Metropolitan Opera House. Recently 2 amazing performances at La Scala in Milan (highly recommended for us purist snobs lol).
      Any opera houses near you that you like? Enjoy the show Doc 🙂


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