Can I Cure My Own Cancer?

Hi Sheri, I’m so sorry you had to experience cancer, but I’m happy to see you’ve taken the power back and did amazing research into curing yourself! Bravo!!
I know you’ll beat this disease without chemo or drugs, I also have family members and friends who’ve healed from the BIG “C” with alternative therapies. In Texas, Dr Burzynski’s been helping cancer patients with Antineoplaston Therapy very effectively. As you pointed out, the “miracle” all natural CURE is Hemp Oil with high THC, CBD content (cannabis indica) cures cancer in a month! I’ve witness this personally, you can obtain hemp oil legally from medical dispensaries around the country:
Last resort is to buy the seeds and grow it yourself (illegal but morally justified). If you know a few reputable dealers all the better.
I’ve been juicing raw cannabis leaves as a health tonic and I love it, feels like the fountain of youth. 🙂
Also look into intravenous Vit C therapy:
or make it yourself (liposomal Vit. C) – research this, plenty of medical science proving cure!
Of course, let food be thy medicine, organic raw whole foods is crucial. Some ppl cured themselves just by eating raw!
Also get a water distiller, or reverse osmosis filter – absolutely critical!!! The chlorine/ fluorine is a toxic poison, and it’s contributing to all degenerative diseases. We may wish to look into chelation therapy, chelate all the toxic heavy metals from your body- really helps to reduce the toxic load to allow healing to begin. If I can think of anything else I’ll be sure to let you know.
The power of prayer, pray everyday, the infinite loves you!
I’ll be praying for you as well, and I know you’ll recover. Be happy, rejoice, you are whole and perfect! Thanks so much for sharing your life experiences and helping others. Blessings♥

Cheri Speak

Some say, “Yes” I can cure my own Cancer and after much research I believe them. Cancer is curable. Maybe not all Cancer’s can be cured by the means I am about to attempt, but because I am on a waiting list for surgery, I have the time necessary to at least give it a shot. Between the “cure” and positive thinking, miracles are made, or at least that is me shoving my best foot forward on this unwanted journey I have begun.

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