Death toll from E Ukraine clashes reaches 1,129

According to our political prognosticator, Lada Ray, this would be a drawn out conflict like Iraq, Ukr will be destroyed slowly over the next 2-3 years. Russia has no incentive (politically or financially) to “save” Ukr from itself. Remember, Ukr made a “deal” with the West to “destroy Russia”, they allowed criminal Western ideology to form a 5th column aka Nazi’s to take over via Washington’s puppet. Russia does not need the headache from these greedy Ukr. oligarchs or escalate tensions further and play into Nato’s script demonizing Russia further. Right now Russia is the model of diplomacy and reason because they can afford to be, they are emotionally and politically detached from Ukr, now that they have Crimea back, drop the rest. The civil war will continue to escalate like the middle east, more innocent ppl will pay the price, history repeats itself. The world needs to wake up and sanction America to stop interfering with world affairs.

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