Justice for Horses Starved to Death

Justice for Horses Starved to Death

More than thirty malnourished and dead horses were discovered on a man’s property.Urge prosecutors to severely punish this alleged animal abuser who mistreated these beautiful animals.

And please help with these important causes:

Protect Critical Forest from Massive Dam

A powerful company is attempting to build a massive dam in a mountain range home to endangered species and indigenous peoples. Critical habitats will be flooded if the dam is built. Urge the company to discontinue its efforts and leave the pristine area alone.

Protect Our Democracy from Mass Surveillance

Large-scale government surveillance is preventing journalists from doing their job of supplying the public with news. Help stop this practice, so journalists can do their work and provide people with crucial information about today’s world.

End Taxpayer Bailouts of Big Banks

America’s wealthiest banks have benefited tremendously from taxpayer bailouts. Their recklessness led to the recession, yet little has been done to prevent their failures from causing further devastation. Hold banks accountable and protect the economy.

Success: Anti-Gay Law Overturned

An anti-homosexuality law that could have condemned gay individuals to life imprisonment has been overruled. Thank officials for overturning this cruel and unnecessary policy.

Stop the Murder of Stray Dogs

Stray dogs are being targeted with poison in Russian cities. Urge the government to bring criminal charges against people who poison these helpless animals, and ensure that innocent dogs are protected.


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