Germans fed up with NATO lies & US wars

Thank you Lada for your timely and relevant post, perhaps Germans recognize the signs… fascist US regime, mili-terrorized SS police, gov’t false flags, One World Order NWO under NATO command. There’s every reason German reporters should RUN from the US!

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Remember how in several of my articles from the beginning of the Ukraine crisis I said that ending the war in Ukraine now, as well as ending the US stronghold over Europe, depends on Germany and Angela Merkel? I criticised both Germany and Merkel for their apathy and the ‘deer caught in the headlights’ inaction. Still in 2013, I also said that the new axis of power is forming between Russia, Germany and China. You can search this site for my posts on all this.

This may be the beginning of some good news! It appears that Germans are finally fed up and they start, slowly and timidly, speaking up! Below are several items from Germany. LR

“Germans fed up with NATO lies & US wars” Former German Defence Secretary. Video from RT:

“German/Russian people against fascism in Ukraine.” Video from Rus Berlin. Anti-fascist, anti-Kiev-junta May 2014 demonstration…

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Ferguson Killing – Real Death, or Staged Agitation Propaganda

Could it be that this staged gov’t provocation was orchestrated to gauge the public’s response? They’ve militarized the police, have the whole town on lockdown and called in the national guard! As of now this is questionable circumstantial evidence, requiring further research. Or is it even more practical and sinister – that militarized police can be enlisted to help impose a wider martial law?