4chan’s Chaos Theory


Founded in 2003 by 15-year-old Christopher Poole, 4chan, the online hangout for millions of young people, unwittingly spawned the group Anonymous, which sprang to the defense of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange last December, attacking and taking down MasterCard’s and Visa’s Web sites. Does the anti-Facebook ethos of one of the Web’s largest active forums represent a movement or just mayhem? Vanessa Grigoriadis peers into 4chan’s “hive mind,” a primordial soup of teenage-male angst and cute cat photos.

6 thoughts on “4chan’s Chaos Theory

  1. This is a great article, Maddie. I have run lots of propaganda for the anons, and I think they serve as a great counter-weight to those who aim to take our freedoms. You Rick-rolled me just by typing it out too btw. Thanks for getting that song stuck in my head. 😛


    • LOL, I wasn’t familiar with that expression until now, ♪Never gonna give you up, Never gonna let you down♪ haha.
      It’s our civic duty to balance the equation, feels right. 😉


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