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What is it that we all seek from life, from music? Is it meaning, purpose, something as fundamental as survival or illusive as faith? An old Zen master would hit us on the head with his existential stick, i.e. – just shut up and listen! Listen? But how do we listen with all these noises in our heads? Be still….

For example, when one truly listens to Rachmaninov’s 3rd Piano Concerto openly with their heart, mind and soul – BAM! The world drops, allow the music to embrace as you ride the wave, all is illuminated.

Now what was it we were seeking all along? ☼


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12 thoughts on “♪Seek – Music Themes

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    • Thanks Lisa, don’t you just love how Daniel explains total musical immersion, give yourself over to the music and be one with the experience. If we approach life with such attitude, imagine the difference in perspective, how alive EVERYTHING IS! The veil of separation thins, we start understanding life existentially, our true self. 🙂


      • Yes, I do like his point of view very much and I agree completely. By the way, Piano is my most favorite instrument to listen to of all time. 🙂


      • P.S. I have been fighting with Hannah to do her homework. When I put this on she sat down at my desk and began doing her homework quietly and peacefully. Thank you, Maddie 😘


      • Yes the piano is a lovely instrument, I grew up listening to in my household. I still play once in a while but don’t have the talent for it. I’m happy to hear sweet Hannah appreciates classical music, test studies show listening regularly helps children become more creative, intuitive, and raises their IQ level. Start with Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Vivaldi, Haydn. Russian composers may be too intense, I personally love them. I’d recommend Eric Satie for studying, helped me with straight A’s!

        my favorite collection:

        Blessings & Love♥


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