LadaRayLive 2. Europe’s Faultline: Pridnestrovie/ Moldova – Eurasian Union vs EU

Great info Lada, thanks for sharing the socio-political & economic history of your childhood homeland. It really is a shame that people are experiencing atrocities and strife inflicted by the West. Let’s pray Kiev will wake up and stop selling out their fellow Ukrainians to Washington propaganda/ political power plays. *Peace*

Futurist Trendcast

Episode 2 of LadaRayLive. Europe’s Faultline: Pridnestrovie and Moldova – Eurasian Union vs EU


The stepchildren of Europe. The unrecognized Pridnestrovie – PMR (aka, Transnistria or TransDniestria) seceded from Moldova in 1990-1992, following a brutal civil war, and it had been knocking on the door of the Russian Federation ever since. In February 2014 Moldova’s other area, the Gagauzia Autonomy, had a referendum in which citizens voted overwhelmingly to secede from Moldova and join Customs Union with Russia. The new party, “Moldova’s Choice – Customs Union” has been formed in Moldova, and Moldovan farmers, who are about to be bankrupted because of sanctions, are on the march. Meanwhile, the Chisinau (Kishinev) politicians and elites continue leading the country into EU. In three months, Moldova will have parliamentary elections. The explosion is coming. Will Moldova turn into another Ukraine? Listen to the very detailed and heartfelt analysis and predictions from…

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