LadaRayLive 3. Sold-out EU Politicians vs TRUTH

Keep up the great work Lada, I’m pretty sure THE main requirement for being a politician these days: Lying and taking orders from your masters i.e Washington Zionist (global power elite). Good job exposing their activities and holding the course, it is getting tougher for them to mislead the people, the Evil Empire may strike back, but is only hastening their own demise. The “Force” is with us haha.

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LadaRayLive 3. Sold-out EU Politicians vs TRUTH

EU sanctions against Russia. Merkel, US, NATO, Ukraine. Ayn Rand, individualism, libertarianism, intellectual anarchism, socialism vs capitalism. Truth and Lada Ray’s predictions: What are we leaving behind as mankind? Towards what kind of society are we moving?

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The issues and concerns raised in this episode are also described in Lada Ray’s books, particularly, THE EARTH SHIFTER, and GOLD TRAIN.

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1. As you may have noticed, we have added two social media buttons to the share bar below. These are Russian SM outlets Odnoklassiniki (Classmates) and Europe’s largest Vkontakte (In-contact). I invite…

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