♪Kiss the Sky – Music Themes

This week Lisa chose “Kiss the Sky”as our musical theme. A romantic notion for me conjuring melodies of old “chanson française”.

Nana Mouskouri – Que je sois un ange


Que je sois un ange

Que je sois un ange,
que je sois un diable,
c’est aussi insupportable,
mon cœur est étranger,
la musique le change toujours
de notes noires et blanches

Ce n’est pas vraiment l’ennui,
c’est un rêve qui fuit
vers des villes toutes neuves
où règnent des mendiants,
mon angoisse est un fleuve
d’où des pleurs d’enfants lèvent

Ces chansons que pleure ma voix
ne sont pa à moi,
elles s’enroulent autour
d’un ancien amour oublié
et tous les mots expirent
car je veux te dire
je suis muselée,
tes yeux me déchirent,
ton regard m’attire,
triste et noir

Et moi je t’ai, mon rêve obscur
comme entre leurs murs
s’en vont les prisonniers
qui seront demain fusillés

Que je sois un ange,
que je sois un diable,
c’est aussi insupportable;
Je ne peux plus changer,
dans mon cœur
ce mélangent toujours
des larmes noires et blanches

Being an angel

Being an angel,
being a devil,
is just as unbearable,
my heart is alienated,
the music’s always changing it
with black and white notes

This isn’t really a problem,
it’s a dream that flees
to the all new towns
where beggars reign,
my fear is a river
from which the children’s tears arise

These songs making my voice weep
aren’t mine
they revolve around
an old forgotten love
and all the words expire
because I want to tell you
I’m left speechless,
your eyes tear me up
your stare arrests me,
sad and blue

And I have you, my obscure dream
like among their walls
they’re withdrawing, the prisoners
to be shot on the morrow

Being an angel,
being a devil,
is just as unbearable;
I can’t change anymore,
in my heart
they’re always mixing
the black and white tears

Edith Piaf – La Vie En Rose

Non, je ne regrette rien

Françoise Hardy – Mon amie la rose (1965)

Françoise Hardy : Soleil – 1970


Charles Trenet – La mer (live)

Contemporized versions of great classics (90’s):

Natasha Atlas – Mon amie la rose

Natacha Atlas – Kidda (Arabic)

Lyrics in translation:

O night
Oh Why, my love
My love, why
My Love why are you like that (cruel) when I love you so?

My love, Why
My love, why are you like that, when I love you?
My love, why are you like that, when I love you?

I, I know that you love me
Why, oh the time that passes

My soul
Oh where is the justice, your honour the judge?
Oh there is no mercy at your hands
My torment, to you is nothing.

Oh why?
My love, why like that?
When I love you so?

You made me love you
Why, why, why
My master
Oh Why
Oh my love
One day you will face your fate and ask for mercy from my
Oh my soul
I have mourned, mourned, mourned
There is no mercy at your hands
And my torment, to you is nothing.

Zaz – Prends Garde A Ta Langue

Claude Debussy – Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun

My fellow theme-sters making love not war:    Bear     Lisa     Johnny     Willow     ???

Giant Video Billboard of WTC7’s Destruction Placed in Times Square for 9/11 Anniversary

Incredible that most ppl are unaware of building 7, which conveniently housed records of the Enron scam, Investment bank’s IPO manipulation etc.
Also noteworthy are the psychic predictive powers of the BBC news crew! Well done. 😉