Why US/NATO/NWO Can Never Defeat Russia

Great analysis Lada, no amount of propaganda can sway a population who knows the truth. I find it intriguing that we’re “lucky” enough to be living through/ witnessing the impending collapse of our “empire”. It’s quite cathartic how much corruption is being uncovered on a daily basis, and now the 911 conspiracy has gone mainstream! Whistleblowers are coming out everywhere, it seems the people had enough lies.
The next US election would be quite interesting come 2016, I elect that we all protest in solidarity and NOT VOTE! Perhaps the message would be heard like in Abkhazia, our gov’t stooges should be laughed out of office, and the cabal exposed. We have 2 yrs to make this happen… “DROP THE VOTE” – Learn the truth!! 🙂

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In my Predictions and many previous articles I have said that despite the US aggressive push against Russia, they were stupid and naive to think that they could ever defeat or destroy Russia. I analysed, dissected, explained, predicted what would happen next. Many of my predictions already came true, and the rest will materialize in due course. I provided examples of the inclusiveness of the Russian culture, this intangible quality that makes the country alive, proving that its life force remains strong despite any ups and downs. See Raising Chi Against Hatred: The Suppressed Story of Russian Songs that Unite World Cultures.

In the West and Ukraine they love to scream that Russia is aggressive and is trying to re-form the Soviet Union. Russia doesn’t need to do anything. It is the choice and the will of the people that is at play here. This is destiny and karma, and…

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