Predictions: The Real Reasons for West’s Anti-Russian Sanctions

Lada, it sounds like there’s a lot of misdirection going on, balance of power = neutralizing corruption, and Russia is the great equalizer. The west wants Ukr to be the next Afghanistan, in a state of perpetual war to destabilize and drag Russia into the conflict. The difference now is Russia has time, resources and PUTIN on their side. Washington is running out of time, worse for US, we have a dimwit puppet for prez who doesn’t mind dragging the whole world into oblivion. Nice job educating and saving the world Lada! ♥

Futurist Trendcast

The new Western sanctions, including defence and oil sectors, hit Russia despite ceasefire in Ukraine, the exchange of prisoners, the Minsk meeting between Putin and Poroshenko, and Putin’s peace plan for Ukraine that is being implemented, albeit with a limited success. Putin called the new sanctions “odd.” Odd indeed, as EU still insists Russia must change its policies in Ukraine, as if all the above never happened. At this point it is clear that nothing short of Russia becoming a slave to the West, or happily self-destructing to please the maniacal NWO Western “leaders,” will stop the sanctions.

Many are scratching their heads why these non-sensical sanctions are being implemented now. Instead of encouraging the peace process in Ukraine, they are bound to discourage it. It is also being pointed out that the Kiev regime is using the ceasefire in order to regroup, build-up defenses in strategic points, and to bring…

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