♪Rendezvous – Music Themes

This week we’ll explore the theme Rendezvous, thank you Bear. The dictionary defines as:



♪In some secluded rendezvous…

noun \ˈrän-di-ˌvü, -dā-\

: a meeting with someone that is arranged for a particular time and place          and that is often secret

: a place where people agree to meet at a particular time

: a place appointed for assembling or meeting

: Middle French, from rendez vous – present yourselves

For me, a rendezvous evokes memories of the past, romantic black & white classics like Casablanca, a warm summer breeze, dinner and sparkling conversation overlooking the bay. In a light and playful mood, I dropped by moms’ as she recollected a few tunes which felt right with this theme. After all, how can one go wrong with smooth jazz playing in the background, … sharing a delightful chat, Of this and that, And cocktails for two.♪

Rendezvous with memories of our first love, smoke invariably gets in your eyes…

As some of you may know Autumn is my favorite time of the year, secret rendezvous with friends and lovers alike.

Here’s to hope, dreams and moonlit walks… wherever life leads you.♥

Let us present ourselves with a gift… tenderly♪

Mr. Ray Charles had his date with destiny.☼

No tears for Ms. London, she’s simply divine

Let’s rendezvous ~ Around Midnight♪

This song epitomizes romantic liaisons: Nina Simone – I Put Spell On You ♥♥♥

People often rendezvous to get back together…

This just sounds like a gathering in the making:

No fear, as our souls rendezvous together for the last time, we are forever ONE. That’s How it Ends♪ LYRICS

         Dedicating this delicious theme to my mom Selene.♥                                               Be sure to visit:     Bear     Lisa     Johnny     Willow

14 thoughts on “♪Rendezvous – Music Themes

  1. This is a great collection, Maddie. I started learning jazz when I was a kid, and it is definitely among my favorite styles. There is so much freedom in improv. Great job with the theme! 🙂


  2. Been listening to Devotchka off and on all evening. Thank you for using their clips. I’ve been having fun with them. I’m wondering if they share some of the same musicians with woven Hand, or Sixteen Horsepower, also from Denver? There are similar uses of crescendo, some of the vocal elements, and ‘squeeze box” style.??? Sounds a little like David Eugene Edwards.


    • Hi Bear, I enjoy their music as well. I don’t believe they’re session players, from Wiki: originally a backing band for burlesque shows, they evolved into a tight knit multi-instrumental quartet ensemble. Great band, Nick Urata does sound a bit like David, an interesting melodic drawl.


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  4. DeVotchKa – Death by Blonde … was this one in collaboration with your Dad, as he anticipates his demise? Hello Blonde Mama Selene 🙂 That is a wide disparity of styles…. WOW. Thanks, Maddie.


    • Hahaha, that’s a good one- I’ll have to tell him that! No he didn’t pick that song, but that’s his M.O. for sure. 😉
      Yes something different to stir the pot, I thought you might enjoy that selection. Thanks for the awesome comment, you just made our day! Enjoy the tunes.♥ 😀


  5. That picture is so adorable! I wish I could hit love on this theme instead of like. I adore most of these songs. A couple of them I don’t know, but I am looking forward to listening to them. Awesome, Maddie! 😀 ♡


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