The environment versus big gas and oil

I was one of more than 300,000 people in New York City Sunday for the People’s Climate March. It was energizing to be among so many marchers, all expressing the urgency of action, and all committed to demanding change.

Citizen Action marched with the contingent promoting renewables and with the anti-fracking movement. We were there to demand solutions, and to stop fracking, oil trains, and other practices that make climate change a more and more urgent problem.

Climate change is such an important issue, and we need to take every opportunity to address it. Here in New York, what happens in November’s elections could have a big impact on the fight.

In the race for Attorney General, candidate John Cahill, who runs a firm that represents major oil and gas companies, has so far refused to disclose exactly who he’s working for. But one thing is clear: he thinks hydrofracking would be great for New York.

When voters go to the polls in November, they should know who their candidates will work for: voters or big oil and gas companies.

Click here to tell AG candidate and energy industry lobbyist John Cahill to disclose his clients!

Cahill has said, “Hydrofracking provides a real economic and environmental opportunity for our country and for our state.”

As a candidate for Attorney General, New York voters deserve to know exactly who he’s representing when he says that.

Cahill and former Governor Pataki co-founded the Pataki-Cahill Group. According to state records, the firm has represented major energy companies that support dangerous fracking and make money through fossil fuels.

The whole world is standing up this week to demand action on climate change. We need to show candidates like John Cahill that putting profits before people – before the future of this planet – doesn’t work for us.

Add your name demanding that John Cahill publicly disclose his clients so that voters know who he’s working for.

Thanks for all you do,

Karen Scharff
Executive Director
Citizen Action of New York

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