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This past weekend I had the opportunity to practice in quiet meditation at the Gyokusenji Monastery in Sendai, Japan. Initially I wanted to focus on practicing world peace within myself. But I quickly dropped that thought during the sitting, peace simply enveloped me and I smiled. Peace is not just a “goal” we can achieve externally, it’s more like the result of everybody living their lives in harmony with each other and everything else on this planet. Peace is symbiotic, systemic, holistic, our natural state of being. Peace starts within ourselves, and radiates “outwards” to manifest the reality we wish to experience. So if we wish to live this “peace” simply smile and be peaceful towards yourself and each other. Remember it takes all of us to achieve world peace because We Are the World! It is said that heaven is peace on Earth, I know this to be true now, samsara really is nirvana, in every moment there is that potential to be…

Let’s start with my favorite violinist: Nathan Milstein plays Meditation from Jules Massenet’s 1894 opera Thaïs

Smile, eat, pray, love… Kreisler plays Dvořák Humoresque

I recommend this chant for expanding heart energy: Medicine Buddha Mantra (with words)  “Tibetan Buddhist Mantra – To eliminate not only pain of diseases but also help in overcoming the major inner sickness of attachment, hatred, jealousy, desire, greed and ignorance. Mantra chanted by Khenpo Pema Chopel Rinpoche from the CD ‘The Blessing from H.H. Penor Rinpoche for World Peace’.”

“May we realize Buddhahood in this very life
May we dedicate ourselves to the well-being of all that lives
May we establish the World of Buddha on our earth
The activity of the Buddha nature is present anywhere in the universe. Mountains and oceans and planets and stars, and even humans, express the full truth of the living nature of Buddha.”  Buddhist Chanting – Nothing But Everything

Dancing cheek to cheek: Debussy: Nocturne (1892)

Or simply dance for JOY! Electric Light Orchestra – Mr. Blue Sky

I’ll leave you in peace♥…. Gounod – Meditation on Bach’s 1st Prelude

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Zen Gardner: Six Million Lies

history is written by the victors, but it doesn’t mean it’s true… read on.

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

This article relates to many of the posts I’ve been putting up recently . . . six million lies. . . sadly . . . lies we’ve apparently believed.  ~J

6 Million Lies
by Elle
Oct 26, 2014
Thanks to B. 

“If you do not specify and confront real issues, what you say will surely obscure them. If you do not alarm anyone morally, you yourself remain morally asleep. If you do not embody controversy, what you say will be an acceptance of the drift of the coming hell.”

C Wright Mills.

I need to share information I have discovered and bring it to the table of truth. I recently travelled to southern Spain to meet with a great self-taught scholar and author. His library lives in the guesthouse we stayed in, endless rooms and shelves of books on Anthropology, Gnosticism, Philosophy, Psychology, Philanthropy, Romanticism, Feminism, Astronomy, Astrology, Esoteric…

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“Stop Thanking Me For My Service” – Former US Army Ranger Blasts American Foreign Policy

peoples trust toronto

Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz has said of the upcoming Concert for Valor:

?The post-9/11 years have brought us the longest period of sustained warfare in our nation?s history. The less than one percent of Americans who volunteered to serve during this time have afforded the rest of us remarkable freedoms ? but that freedom comes with a responsibility to understand their sacrifice, to honor them, and to appreciate the skills and experience they offer when they return home.?

It was crafty of Schultz to redirect that famed 1% label from the ultra rich, represented by CEOs like him, onto our ?heroes.? At the concert, I hope Schultz has a chance to get more specific about those ?remarkable freedoms.? Will he mention that the U.S. has thehighest per capitaprison population on the planet? Does he include among those remarkable freedoms…

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Vladimir Putin Is The Leader of the “Moral World”, by Paul Craig Roberts . . . Roberts shares Putin’s ‘remarks and says, and I agree: These are the remarks of a humanitarian political leader, the like of which the world has not seen in my lifetime.

2012: What's the 'real' truth?


Dear Friends,

Vladimir Putin’s remarks at the 11th meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club are worth more than a link in my latest column. These are the remarks of a humanitarian political leader, the like of which the world has not seen in my lifetime. Compare Putin to the corrupt war criminal in the White House or to his puppets in office in Germany, UK, France, Japan, Canada, Australia, and you will see the difference between a criminal clique and a leader striving for a humane and livable world in which the interests of all peoples are respected.

In a sane Western society, Putin’s statements would have been reproduced in full and discussions organized with remarks from experts such as Stephen F. Cohen. Choruses of approval would have been heard on television and read in the print…

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RT: Ron Paul: Canada suffers for turning militaristic

Hopefully our brothers and sisters up North do not succumb to recent false flags and give in to the tyranny of their “leaders”. Sadly their gov’t has been usurped just as ours.
“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” – Ben Franklin

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Published time: October 27, 2014 19:08

Ron Paul (Reuters/Mark Makela)

Ron Paul (Reuters/Mark Makela)

Canada is quickly becoming an aggressive nation, former United States congressman Ron Paul warns in a recent dispatch, and will risk significant blowback if it continues to intervene in matters overseas.

Paul, the longtime member of the US House of Representatives and thrice presidential hopeful, said in a tape-recorded address published on Monday this week that Canada’s recent willingness to join America’s fight against the extremist group calling itself the Islamic State marks a major departure from the anti-war ideologies that made the Great White North a destination for draft dodgers during the Vietnam conflict.

Although Canada distanced itself from other NATO partners that were involved in the US-led campaign in Vietnam only four decades ago, its recent actions, Paul insists, mark a major departure.

“How the world has changed. Canada’s wise caution about military adventurism even at the height…

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Sexy Benefits of Meditation

Girl Boner

Meditation humor I used to think so, too.

If someone had told me as a kid that one day I’d find tremendous value in stillness, I probably would’ve sat there awaiting the punchline for 1/8 of a millisecond before leaping into the air to sprint spasmodically around the neighborhood at the mere thought of sitting still-age. While I’ve learned to embrace mindfulness since then, I couldn’t read more than a few sentences sitting still until earlier this year. (Dear Elliptical Machine: Thanks for keeping me literate!)

Everything changed when I began to explore meditation. Like much growth in my adult life, I credit my introduction to my bulldog Zoe, with whom I shared incredibly slow walks during her final months of life. Focusing on my breath and her presence, I learned to savor each moment, letting my thoughts drift to near nothingness.

Then without really trying, I began seeking stillness throughout each day. More recently, I’ve begun…

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