2 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Anonymous Doctor Releases Treatment for the Ebola Virus

  1. There is both good and misleading info in this article. Especially regarding silver and Sierra Leone. It’s soooo important to share only articles with absolute empirical evidence so as not to 1. Cause panic and 2. Cause someone to try to self medicate only to do more damage. We need doctors, researchers and epidemiologists to support these claims, unless every single last one is “owned”, which I highly doubt.


    • Hi Sheri, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the matter. I agree with you that we shouldn’t spread disinformation and fear irresponsibly. There are many conscientious physicians who want to get the truth out, but they are actively suppressed by their own superiors who have a vested interest to “work” with Big Pharma. Legitimate/ accredited researchers and epidemiologists have no choice but to share their information with the alternative press because all of MSM (mainstream media) are owned by corporations, so they will never report the actual truth, it is against their interests to do so.
      We can only discern what is truth by living our truth and sharing our experiences.
      I have never taken any prescription medications since childhood, and I’ve NEVER gotten sick since grade school. I’ve recently changed my diet to organic raw vegan, so food became my medicine. If I feel I’m coming down with something, scratchy throat, sneezing, just plain Vit. C would clear it up in hours.
      Now I’m not opposed to medicines like antibiotics if there’s a clear need for them. But I’ve concluded that vaccines are not what they seem, this program has been politically and financially motivated from the very being, starting with Rockefeller and the 1918 pandemic, and most recently with Bill Gates’ Ebola vaccination program. It all seems very suspicious to me, I suggest you do further research and share your findings with us if truth is what u’r seeking.
      Have a wonderful weekend and Blessings♥


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