♪Competition – Music Themes

This week, Johnny  chose “Competition” as our music theme of the week. Please feel free to post your musical interpretation if you’d like to join us.  It’s creative,  fun, expressive, and NOT a competition at all! 🙂

Personally I don’t have a problem with competition,  and consider it a form of self expression, a challenge to exceed our personal expectations, a way to creatively excel or solve a problem, or just plain being social and having fun “competing” with others.  As you can see, it all depends on how we choose to interpret the scenario we wish to experience. It may be harsh and cut-throat win at all cost like professional sports, or just a friendly game of frisbee, it’s all up to us. I founds several videos which exemplify the beauty of human spirit, meant to inspire and delight, to raise our potential and reconsider self-defining limitations.

These Epic Win Compilations are awesome and the music tracks are great! Keep an eye on the feather at the end of this balancing performance!     Song 1: Star of the Conqueror (Vocal Blues Mix) by Dhruva Aliman      Song 2: Slave and Rose

The Venom Trickshots II- Episode III_ Sexy Pool Trick Shots in Germany was epic!     Song: Blood Moon by Dhruva Aliman – http://dhruvaaliman.bandcamp.com/albu…

That soccer kid really nailed it on the escalator!     Song: SUN AND SPEAR by Dhruva Aliman http://dhruvaaliman.bandcamp.com/

”PEOPLE ARE AMAZING – NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE”      BRAND X MUSIC 1.Bring The Pain 2.Dogs Of War (No Vox) 3.Knuckle Up 4.Fine Red Mist 5.Painkiller 6.Body Count 7.Extortion (No Choir) 8.Apocalyptic No Orch 9.Eventide 10.Fearless 11.Revolution

There is beauty and nobility in competition, depending upon our intention… btw, I highly recommend you test drive this M3 with DCT Paddle Shifters, very sweet!  Syberian Beast meets Mr.Moore – Wien

Team sports encourage strategy, trust and cooperation for the good of the whole, competition can be uplifting:

I checked out a London nightclub last weekend and DJ Eric intro’d massive hardstep club mix with Liquid Cinema’s Martyr – totally EPIC!

I’m sure everyone’s heard Rammstein’s Du Hast  at some point in some competitive sporting arena. Well DJ Eric did an exemplary job mixing this for Hard Style club jam in this video. The place was jumpin’  😀

And lastly I’ll end it with Prodigy’s Live performance at Moscow’s Red Square. The energetic high from competition is second to none, without exception this band’s tracks are used all over the world in all types of competition. This is the famed largest open air concert with up to 450K people packed!

Enjoy! And please visit fellow themesters:     Bear     Lisa     Eva     Johnny     Willow

11 thoughts on “♪Competition – Music Themes

  1. You might enjoy the Corvette made 1953-2011 or the Karmann Ghia made 1955-1974.

    My popular dance vocabulary is as out of date as my tech vocabulary.

    Most of the word plays had to do with “hard”, and why my husband(s) would not dance with me (it was not the music or the drinks), and why there were no men filmed in the video clip 😉 I had a whole silly little essay right X here, and I inadvertently deleted it. The part about my husband(s) is true. I also had some sports car vs small car vs rally car comments, but that one sentence, above, will have to do. Sorry.

    White Rabbits lead to Unicorns???? This does sound intriguing 🙂

    Brightest Blessings


    • As long as it’s a convertible, I love vintage sports cars. Oh dearest Bear, why am I not surprised? What hot blooded man would not appreciate our exquisite brand of sensuality? If you got it, flaunt it – the old adage goes. To be fair, I can see why your hubby(s) may exhibit “difficulty” dancing, getting “stiff” in the right place at the wrong time, quite a dilemma… but what can you do?? 😉
      Perhaps he can make it up to you, a 1964 Aston Martin DB5 is in order, oh you wear it well! 🙂

      Cheers lovely one♥


  2. “btw, I highly recommend you test drive this M3 with DCT Paddle Shifters, very sweet! ” <—– That brought a huge grin. 😀
    So did Ibiza. I love your heart. ♡


  3. BTW, is that you in the M3, Blue, with DCT Paddle Shifters?

    Is the DJ Eric video taken while you were there? What makes a “hard” style as opposed to not hard? If it is not Hard Style, what is the style called?

    I confess: I have not heard Rammstein’s Du Hast in a sporting arena.

    I thought of all sorts of naughty plays (some merely with words) on the term “sporting”. I think I shall let the particulars pass on by, for the time being.

    This is a very interesting take on COMPETITION. 😀

    I can’t wait to see where Lisa’s theme choice for next week takes us all. 🙂 🙂


    • Hello Bear, how are you!
      Nice commercial for the M3 but that’s not me, I’m too tall for sports cars. I did do a magazine ad in Milan for range rover a few years back. The model has to fit the product as the saying goes.
      That was a well produced video, but no I wasn’t in it lol. It’s actually a composite of several well known clubs in Ibiza. Looks like club Privilege, DC10, club Amnesia & Space… something or another.
      HardStepping or “HardStyle” is like mixing or sampling rock songs, increasing the tempo to make them more danceable. Usually a combo of techno & hardcore, with overdubs and sampled drops (dubstep). The genre is electronica, which evolved drum n’ bass and all the rest.
      There’s no “softstyle” as no one downsamples for dance music. Although any track could be softened for commercial mood or ambient music, like they do in commercials, or background music for dept. stores, elevator easy listening etc.
      RE: Du Hast, it’s more of a European thing, go to any futbol match, armwrestling competition, moto-X racing and they play it ad nauseum lol.
      Alright, your turn, let’s hear some of your naughty plays! 😉
      Lisa’s choice will be interesting, I’m following the white rabbit & see where it leads. Some trip-hop for sure, a few classical pieces come to mind. 😛
      As always, looking forward to your selections, take care Bear.♥


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