Social Media Sunday: Twitter Revisited

Great advice for growing social media. Thank you Gene’O!


Last weekend I started actively growing my Twitter following @Sourcererblog again. On Friday, Sept. 26, I was sitting at 2,789 followers. As I write this post a week later, I’m at 3,014 and counting. If I’m able to pick up another 75 before Monday, I’ll have gained 300 followers in 10 days. That’s the largest single bump I’ve seen, so it’s worth discussing. The lesson I’m taking from it is that once you’re able to gain a stable Twitter following of 2500+, Twitter gets easier.

Twitter analytics run a day behind, so this doesn’t capture my follower growth since yesterday, but it will give you an idea of how my account is trending right now. The top of the blue line represents 2,980 followers when the stats rolled over on Friday. The little spike at the very end covers the period from Sept. 27 (2,816 followers) through Friday. So about 170 followers added last…

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