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I just wanted to make sure you saw this email? There’s good news! Thanks in part to the response we helped generate, the FCC has extended the deadline to receive comments about Comcast’s attempted internet takeover until October 29th.

50,000 people have taken action already. The FCC will be surprised by this kind of response to a merger question, but the deck is stacked against us so we need to go all out. Can we count on you to help us get to 100,000 comments by the end of this week?

Click here to submit a comment to the FCC opposing the Comcast merger that would dismantle Internet freedom.

Read the email below for more background, and please forward this to your friends and family. It affects all of us!

-Tiffiniy from FFTF

Dear Fight for the Future member,


Urgent: there are just a few days left to stop Comcast from taking over Time Warner Cable and signing a death sentence for net neutrality. Click here to take action now.


This one really requires no explanation. The most hated company in the US is trying to take over the second most hated company in the US, in a move that would raise our cable and Internet bills, stifle online free speech, and make them one of the most powerful lobbies in history. [1]


This merger is bad for EVERYONE, and there is tons of opposition, even from within the FCC. We have a real chance at stopping this but we have to act quickly. [2]


The deadline is next week! Click here to stop Comcast in its tracks.


Comcast is already the largest and most powerful opponent of net neutrality, online privacy, and Internet freedom. They’ve been caught several times abusing their “gatekeeper” power as an Internet provider to further their own interests. [3] If the FCC lets Comcast forcibly absorb Time Warner Cable — the second largest Internet provider in the U.S. — they will control access to information in nearly 6 of 10 people’s homes (more if you’re only counting truly high speed Internet). [4]


Millions of you have sent comments to the FCC in support of net neutrality. We’re asking for your help again because if this merger goes through, Comcast gets even more powerful — in the marketplace, online, and in Washington, DC. If we don’t stop this takeover right now, we’ll be fighting an uphill battle on net neutrality and online free speech for years to come.


Will you sign? Click here to submit a comment opposing the Comcast merger.

After you sign, please forward this email to everyone you know and share the petition on social media.

Here’s the link one last time: 


Thanks for all that you do,

-Tiffiniy Cheng

Fight for the Future


  1. Brad Reed. “Massive survey finds Comcast and TWC are the two most hated companies in America – period”. BGR.

  2. Brendan Sasso. “FCC Chief: Cable Companies Are Wrong About Internet Competition”. National Journal.

  3. Cecilia Kang. “Comcast, Time Warner Cable merger faces a grilling in Washington this week”. Washington Post.

  4. S. Derek Turner and Matt Wood. “Petition to deny free press”. Free Press.

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♪Where Unicorns Play – Music Themes

For this week, fellow blogger Lisa decided on “Where Unicorns Play” as our theme of the week. Pressed for time, I simply searched for Unicorn songs on YouTube. Much to my surprise the search turned up Irish folk song, cute childrens song, and even a hardstyle dance mix! So let’s start off with:   The unicorn song by The Irish Rovers

Something out of the ordinary, this silly song made me smile: Borgore & Sikdope – Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse (Nentou Hardstyle Remix)

A lovely Christian Hymnal Cantus: AMY SHREVE – For The Beauty Of The Earth

Here’s a pretty video, The Maiden and the Unicorn. The video is from Legend, the music is Nara by E.S. Posthumas.

Classic mythical symphonies lend themselves quite well to this magical theme. Beethoven – 6th Symphony ‘Pastoral’

Antonin Dvorak – New World Symphony

Berlioz, Symphonie fantastique, op. 14 (von Karajan)

To reach that special place where the sacred and profound play, simply enter through our open heart. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps (live)     LYRICS

I’ll conclude this lovely theme with my original idea of featuring mystical and mysterious animals. White Rabbit – cover by Collide

One of my all time favorite ALT bands, for sheer kookiness: Primus – Mr. Krinkle (I swear I’m seeing unicorns & faeries after watching this vid)  🙂

Till next week, feed u’r imagination! Also visit:     Bear     Lisa     Johnny     Eva     Willow     John