♪The Journey ~ Where Do Your Tracks Lead? Music Themes

For this week Eva has chosen The Journey as thematic topic to explore. Well let’s start by welcoming everyone on this wondrous journey  of the human experience. Winter’s coming, but it’s always HOT at the KitKat Club… Willkommen!

It seems we can journey forever through time and space, infinite lifetimes to love with Open Arms

Perhaps the journey is more than just about us, Hope There’s Someone we can share it with

or perhaps it has always been about My Lord My Love

In any case, Thank You For Your Love, life has become a glorious adventure

Whatever happens during our journey, please don’t forget to Smile

If the journey’s about remembering who we are and why we’re here, other than that, I don’t care much

It really has been a most glorious Fantaisie, this is only the beginning…

♪This is how I show my love
I made it in my mind because
I blame it on my A.D.D. baby… Sail ♪

When the inner and outer become one, we are whole once more.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this trip with me, plz visit:     Bear     Lisa     Johnny     Eva     Willow     JohnBlaya

9 thoughts on “♪The Journey ~ Where Do Your Tracks Lead? Music Themes

    • Hi Willow thanks for dropping by, I’m glad you found new sight and sound to enjoy! I have to thank Eva for posting an Anthony and the Johnsons song from her previous theme post. They exude such emotion, kindness and hope – it’s a real experience to listen. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, be well. 🙂


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    • Hi sweetie, as you are well aware, there never was beginning, no end. And we begin anew every moment of every day if we only allow it, feels like we’re re-membering the more we open up. I love cyber-traveling with kindred spirit, earth is an awesome way-station, dontcha think? Journey well and have an awesome weekend, with beautiful blessings along the way. ♥ 😉


  3. I saw movie, La Cage aux Folles years algo with the funniest scence I think I have ever seen in a film. At one point the two leading — stars — are trapped in a macho bar and decide to try to walk like John Wayne in order to sneak out. I laughed and laughed, it was so wonderfully funny. It is an old flick, but your Cabaret clips reminded me. 🙂 It is worth watching just to catch that one scene 😀

    You are so fuill of surprises I never know where your journey will lead! Have fun and more fun! Fun is worth the effort. 🙂

    Avoir un voyage sécuritaire et amusant I can’t make little hearts so smilies will have to do 🙂 🙂


    • Hello Bear! Yes it’s an incredibly funny movie, I also love The Birdcage, a very popular remake starring Robin Williams, Nathan Lane, Gene Hackman. Robin’s character was trying to teach his partner how to “butch up” and act like a “real man”. That scene had me rolling in stitches. Cabaret is amazing live, the actors on stage interact with the audience while everyone’s sipping drinks in a cozy club setting like 1930’s Berlin. The cabaret emcee even danced with my friend on stage, it was amazing!
      No effort involved, fun finds me, just have to show up and enjoy. 😉
      I’ll be flying out tomorrow, Hong Kong here I come! Sending many hearts and smilies to you:



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