Ebola and the Ebola Vaccine

Cheri Speak

Cancer drug maker NewLink Genetics Corporation has been tasked by the United States Government to create an Ebola vaccine. NewLink’s VSVΔG-ZEBOV is touted as a “Canadian drug” because it is developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory however, make no mistake, NewLink itself, is an American company out of Iowa.

NewLink is rather small in comparison to many of the big-dog names we are accustomed to hearing relating to vaccines. Interestingly [and worth noting], NewLink’s  founders and executive management were all [save one] previous government employees of, or grant recipients of, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) prior to coming to NewLink.

Human Testing Of VSVΔG-ZEBOV by DoD?

ebola-vaccine-dod-drta-newlink-gsk IMAGE SOURCE: alleganyhealthdept.com

Yesterday, corporate media began reporting on NewLink’s vaccine VSVΔG-ZEBOV and the human trials that are now underway. What they have not reported on or delved much into is that Newlink received…

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