LMAO totally brill, u’ve done it again Tubes, thanks for setting the pablum-puking press straight! MSM has been staining my hands yellow, it’s great to see TubularSock as an integral part of the Fifth Estate aka Fifth Element of the truth movement. Glad to have you onboard! 😛


Yube lheanding learnonT

You know Tubularsock has been thinking about ISIS because Tubularsock doesn’t know what action is the patriotic thing to do.

Too much thinking CAN spoil the broth.

ISIS on the one hand is the evil of all evils. Or is that Dick Cheney? God! I get them so confused. ISIS on the other hand is the creation of the US, UK, and Israeli intelligence apparatus or at least that is what has been revealed by the leaked NSA documents by Edward Snowden. (Thanks Ed.)

The US, UK, and Israeli intelligence apparatus created a strategy known as the hornet’s nest in order to attract the fundamentalists from around the world to Syria to overthrow Assad’s Government.

Now does Tubularsock support ISIS because America created them or does Tubularsock not support ISIS because they are the most evil of evils, except for Dick Cheney? What would a real patriot do?

You see…

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