PressTV: Demonizing Russia as US goes to war, by Finian Cunningham

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Members of the US Army 1st Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, transport heavy combat equipment at the railway station near the Rukla military base in Lithuania, on October 4, 2014. Members of the US Army 1st Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, transport heavy combat equipment at the railway station near the Rukla military base in Lithuania, on October 4, 2014.

Sun Nov 30, 2014 7:26AM GMT

By Finian Cunningham

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Every Russian maneuver is now being recklessly construed as a sinister war threat by the Western media – no matter that the Russian maneuvers are entirely in keeping with international law and are a normal part of any nation’s right to movement of its military forces.

The latest “incident” was reported by Britain’s Daily Mail in which a squadron of Russian warships was “escorted” by the British Royal Navy as it sailed through the English Channel.

The Daily Mail headline was spiced with sinister innuendo of Russia doing something untoward, illegal and threatening. ‘Royal Navy catches up with Russian warships to…

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PressTV: Beyond Ferguson: Time for a Black intifada? . . . what do you think? ~J

A MUST READ – The real history of slavery and black people in America!

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Protests turn violent in the aftermath of the decision by a Ferguson grand jury not to indict white police officer who killed black teenager Michael Brown.Protests turn violent in the aftermath of the decision by a Ferguson grand jury not to indict white police officer who killed black teenager Michael Brown.

Sat Nov 29, 2014 7:13AM GMT

By Yuram Abdullah Weiler

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“Those who make peaceful change impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
—John F. Kennedy

The shooting of the unarmed young Black American, Michael Brown, in the St. Louis, Missouri suburb of Ferguson by white police officer Darren Wilson triggered widespread protests against what appears to have become a commonplace event in the United States. Yet the failure by a grand jury to indict the shooter  not only has highlighted the grotesque parody of due process of law in America, but also has revived the question of whether justice for African Americans can even be possible from within the existing US legal and political systems.

The United…

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!!! MUST READ: The Golden Trap of Chess Master Vladimir Putin ~ [must read] ~ [Eng-Rus-Ita]

Simplistic yet accurate assessment.

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Posted by SyrianFreePress
27ThursdayNov 2014
Thanks to A. 

An article definitely to be spread and read, especially by those who have not well understood the political economic and military strategy of Putin and today’s Russia. (SFP)


“The Golden Trap of Chess Master Vladimir Putin”

By Dmitry Kalinichenko for

Accusations of the West towards Putin traditionally are based on the fact that he worked in the KGB. And therefore he is a cruel and immoral person. Putin is blamed for everything. But nobody ever accused Putin of lack of intelligence.

Any accusations against this man only emphasize his ability for quick analytical thinking and making clear and balanced political and economic decisions.

Often Western media compares this ability with the ability of a grandmaster, conducting a public chess simul. Recent developments in US economy and the West in general allow us to conclude that in this part of the assessment of Putin’s personality…

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!!! Arab FMs agree unanimously to move to end Israeli occupation . . . so, what are the politics behind this? ~J

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Source: KUNA
November 29, 2014
Thanks to D.

CAIRO, Nov 29 (KUNA) — The Arab foreign ministers here on Saturday at their extraordinary meeting agreed on a plan of an Arab move to end Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories.

The plan includes submitting an Arab draft resolution regarding ending officially the Israeli occupation to the Security Council and consulting with member states and other regional and international players to support Palestinian demands.

In the final statement at their extraordinary meeting attended by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, the ministers mandated an Arab ministerial delegation headed by Kuwait to take required measures to rally support for that Arab draft resolution at the Security Council.

The ministers support endeavors of Palestine to join all international charters, institutions, conventions and protocols as well as International Criminal Court.

The ministers underlined abidance by the Arab Peace Initiative launched by Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz and approved…

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Post # 1000 – 10 reasons why – Russia is Real

Nice post, and so true! 🙂

Life in Russia


1. Thank God for Babushkas

An American friend will bring you a can of Campbell’s condensed chicken soup when you have the flu.
A Russian friend will have their babushka make a giant batch of borscht for you and then deliver it to your house in a stockpot.


2. Damn no more Cheating

An American friend will study with you before university finals.
A Russian friend will give you all the answers to the exam questions as soon as the professor has left the room, whether you asked for them or not.

vodka in winter

3. Oh the weather outside is frightful

An American friend parties indoors during the wintertime.
A Russian friend takes you to drink vodka shots on a snow-covered park bench in -10 F weather.

4. Then again………….

An American friend apologizes and pays the fine when the police catch them illegally drinking alcohol on said park bench.
A Russian…

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WANTED: George Bush and Tony Blair are Officially War Criminals

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

As I read this last evening, memories flooded my mind: On Christmas Day of 1958, I was in an Arab Refugee camp south of Beirut, Lebanon, 17 km. from the Israeli border. I know what those camps were like, and that was many, many years ago before the situation had deteriorated so terribly. It was the year the Marines went into Beirut. That experience marked me forever.

The Palestinians have never given up.  Now, it seems things are coming full circle and eventually will be favorable to them.

Please also note that Alfred Lambremont Webre has a new site, War Crimes Tribunal – Transhumanist Agenda. Please check it out. ~J

Source: GeneralStriketoEndCorruption
November 27, 2014

I much preferred it when popular geo-political discourse involved writing “FUCK BUSH” on your tits or “impeach Blair” on your MySpace profile, rather than today’s endless stream of lazy “GOBAMA” tweets. Which is why I…

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