Marijuana Money, a Budding Industry

Challenging the Rhetoric

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Going for the Ganj means more these days than packing a bowl and lighting up. With the puff, puff, pass of legislature, legalization is slowly, but surely rolling out across the country. All eyes are currently on states like Washington and Colorado whose recreational marijuana laws went into full-effect this year and on states like Oregon and Alaska, as well as Washington, D.C. all three of which will be voting on legalizing recreational in today’s elections. Florida is also voting on a marijuana bill, their measure is for medical marijuana.

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Colorado cannabis revenue numbers show that recreational purchases have already surpassed those of medical purchases with a steady growth month to month.


Pot is the new gold rush in America with millions of dollars in legal sales, investors are spending millions more to be next in line to flourish and by all accounts they will be…

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