♪The fine print – Music Themes

This week Lisa choose The Fine Print as our theme to explore. As for my interpretation, this theme serves as a warning: to be more alert, aware, and to remember what’s important. Always read the fine print ’cause there’s always a catch… but if we remain true to ourselves then the veil lifts, everything… as it should be.☼

U2’s October reveals an underlying truth: October
And kingdoms rise
And kingdoms fall
But you go on…and on…

Perhaps it’s our soul contract to remember not to take each other for granted… read the fine print! So much time to make up Everywhere you turn Time we have Wasted on the way – Crosby Stills & Nash

Even tho the fine print may drive us nuts, remember what’s really important. “Danny’s Song” Loggins and Messina  Lyrics

Regardless, nothing’s gonna change my world… Fiona Apple – “Across The Universe”

The beauty of life is found in simple everyday things, precious realizations… be the fine print.☼ Bjork – Cocoon

Oh delicate impressions, a finer Kind of Blue – Miles Davis & John Coltrane

Japanese godfather of punk protests against gov’t cover-up of Fukushima: Endo Michiro – Primary Blues

Thx 4 listening!

Thx 4 listening!

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12 thoughts on “♪The fine print – Music Themes

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  3. Must be something in the air… I found out that it was Thursday about ten minutes ago. I have been nursing the sick back to health…for a week. Tomorrow will bring a theme from me. 🙂 The fine print being that I have a really good excuse for being late. This is another great collection of thoughts, Maddie. October is one of my favorite U2 songs. I always feel a sense of sadness when I hear it because of it being incomplete. It was the first time his hand written llyrics were stolen. He only sang what he could remember. Thanks for sharing it. ☆☆☆☆☆


    • Johnny thx for the reblog, u’r the best! Yes something definitely in the air (astrologically speaking), I’m glad everyone’s doing better under your care. Wow I never knew October was “incomplete”, it’s perfect the way it is- simply fulfills me. This is one of those special songs that invoke longing, nostalgia, tender memories. As for my 2 cents, additional lyrics would seem almost superfluous. I really appreciate your comment, thanks again, looking forward to your songs! 🙂


  4. Reblogged this on johnny ojanpera and commented:
    My music theme is waiting until tomorrow. Maddie put together an exceptional theme this week. It has one of my favorite songs in it. ‘The fine print’.


    • Lisa, thanks so much for the reblog, I’m honored! I remember reading about this weeks’ astrological influence setting up obstacles but results in positive outcome overall. I’m glad to hear your week turned out well after all! Infinite love to you dear, can’t wait to check out your fab picks. Be well. ♥♥♥


  5. Maddie this is perfect!!!! Really girl! Perfect.

    Mine and Johnny’s will be up in the morning. This has been one hell of a week complete with casualties. BUT! It has had an ending full of hope.

    Love, love, love to you. ♡


  6. This is nice, Maddie, very nice 🙂 More than nice, better than nice. 😀

    Please forgive me for not having put together the themes post. My husband had another “industrial” accident, this time with a band saw blade that “let go”, yesterday. WE came home from the hospital in the wee hours, and immediately had to change wound (giant terrible wound) dressings, etc, and the rest of the week has been filled with (stuff) too. I am behind on everything, and …. Anyway, I am sorry to have not posted to the music theme choice, yet. Maybe in a couple of days …. depending ….. ???
    Thank you. ❤
    PS Endo Michiro 😀
    For next week I have chosen DRAGONS.
    Thanks, Maddie ❤ ❤


    • OMG Bear I’m so sorry to hear of your husband’s accident, prayers are sent for a speedy recovery.♥ No worries about the post, you have more pressing matters to attend to for now.
      Endo Michiro rocks! You should see his younger days in the 80s, a real pioneer of punk. 😀
      Take care of yourself, we appreciate you! Dragons – COOL 🙂


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