6 Ways to Make the Web an Empowering Place for Girls and Women

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No matter how we engage online, we send a message to ourselves and others. What does your social media mirror reflect?

Empower hashtag mirror

I’ve just returned from the National Women’s Studies Association annual conference where I mingled with and learned from brilliant feminists from around the world, presented on a topic very dear to my heart, explored Puerto Rico for the first time and, oh yes, had my first empanada. *swoon* By far, the biggest highlight was the people, who’ve inspired me to carry this conversation on.

In no time throughout history have we been so photographed and seen or had such intense exposure to damaging messages about our bodies and sexuality. All of this raises the risk for self-criticism, disordered eating thoughts and behaviors, resultant health problems, such as depression and obesity, relationship tumult and poor self-esteem. Positive alternatives are available, thankfully, but less readily so. We can all take steps to change that—and trust me, it’s worth it.

I’ll be sharing more takeaways…

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