Interview with Николай Патрушев Nikolay Patrushev 15-Oct.2014

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Николай Патрушев: “Отрезвление” украинцев будет жестким и болезненным
только в “РГ”
Текст: Иван Егоров
Patrushev: “Sobering” Ukrainians will be hard and painful
Only in the “РГ”
Text: Ivan Egorov


Nikolay Patrushev: A quarter-century United States to pursue the full separation of the former Soviet republics of Russia.

Secretary of the Russian Security Council in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta told about how Russian analysts a year ago predicted the development of the situation in Ukraine. And also assessed the role of the USA and NATO in the events in the east of Ukraine, explained why these events are a continuation of the plan by Zbigniew Brzezinski in the collapse of the USSR and Russia, assessed the prospects for a multipolar world and the future of the struggle for hydrocarbon resources.


Nikolay Platonovich, the realities of recent months – a coup in Ukraine, the military actions of the…

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