The Simple Beauty of an Apple

Very cool and true!

Daphne Shadows

Why is it that we skip over the simple beauty that is everywhere and instead, focus on the big ugly issues of our life?

It’s not as if we’re working on fixing them by obsessing over them and soaking ourselves in the negativity of our woes all the time. They won’t go away if we don’t give our thoughts over to them twenty-four-seven.

Granted, you shouldn’t ignore negative things. You cannot ignore the bad, it will only fester, get worse, build and spoil you and your relations.

You need to work on them. Focus on making it better, fixing it, working through it, or if you have no other option, simply get through it.

Make a goal of it.

But don’t stew in the upset, don’t stew in the misery. Don’t focus on all the wrong that’s happened or been done. That helps no one, especially you. Accept that it’s…

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