The 1 Fed ‘Official’ Who Should Know, Has No Idea Where 9 TRILLION Dollars Went. Shocking Testimony

$9,000,000,000,000 missing?! Shouldn’t there be an “investigation”? Why hasn’t the Fed imploded already… the corruption is systemic, woven into the economic system of control. Our financial system has been a scam since fractional banking began.

ProjectEarthShift 2: Universal Scale of Consciousness (life-affirming/ life-creating calibrations 200-1000)

Very informative and life affirming, great job sharing your vast consciousness with us. 🙂

Futurist Trendcast

ProjectEarthShift 2:

Universal Scale of Consciousness

(life-affirming, life-enhancing and life-creating calibrations)

This is the continuation of ProjectEarthShift 1: Universal Scale of Consciousness (life-diminishing calibrations)

Today we will talk about the truly exciting, life-enhancing and life-creating calibrations of human consciousness. My Universal Consciousness Scale is based on the scale proposed by Dr. David Hawkins in his groundbreaking bestseller Power vs. Force. In his work, Dr. Hawkins used kinesiology test to answer simply ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and to calibrate the ‘truth’ and ‘falsehood’ of a subject or question.

I have taken this amazing system substantially further. I’ve reworked the old and added new calibration levels; also, I have modified and expanded the logic and usage of the calibration methods. When I calibrate, I first of all determine the core vibration and the chi level of a subject or object. I can also go well beyond that, as will be discussed in the upcoming Part 3:…

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♪Attitude of Gratitude – Music Themes

Alone, still of night
Grateful for friends, familysnow-ithaca-ny
Happy Thanksgiving!

I am fortunate to spend Thanksgiving with my lovely grandparents, catching up, and of course sharing their love of wonderful music! As a tradition we sing along with the Carpenter’s greatest hits album because they’re awesome. 🙂  Mainly because singing makes us feel Close to You – Carpenters

Songs of faith & remembrance: Kyrie for the Magdalene – Richard Harvey

Miserere Mei, Deus by The Choir Of Trinity College, Cambridge

O Bone Jesu is a short hymn of supplication and thanksgiving for the bitter passion Christ suffered for us.

Dies Irae (Day of Wrath) is a famous thirteenth century Latin hymn thought to be written by Thomas of Celano.

Beautiful old Russian Orthodox chant

Rachmaninoff – Bless the Lord, O My Soul

Sergei Rachmaninoff ‘s Masterpiece : Ave Maria

Live concert: Rachmaninov – Vespers

Agni Parthene (Hymn to the Mother of God) – Valaam Brethren Choir    *Breathtaking*

If you happen to be in NYC during the holiday season, I’d recommend attending Bach Vespers at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church:

God Bless!

God Bless!

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