Post # 1000 – 10 reasons why – Russia is Real

Nice post, and so true! 🙂

Life in Russia


1. Thank God for Babushkas

An American friend will bring you a can of Campbell’s condensed chicken soup when you have the flu.
A Russian friend will have their babushka make a giant batch of borscht for you and then deliver it to your house in a stockpot.


2. Damn no more Cheating

An American friend will study with you before university finals.
A Russian friend will give you all the answers to the exam questions as soon as the professor has left the room, whether you asked for them or not.

vodka in winter

3. Oh the weather outside is frightful

An American friend parties indoors during the wintertime.
A Russian friend takes you to drink vodka shots on a snow-covered park bench in -10 F weather.

4. Then again………….

An American friend apologizes and pays the fine when the police catch them illegally drinking alcohol on said park bench.
A Russian…

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