tulip mania, witch hunts and psychopharmacology

Great points Alice. Did you know that western nations consume so much pharmaceuticals that our toxic waste water is contaminating wildlife in streams and oceans! What we do affects the entire ecology of the world. Humanity needs to just STOP!

2 thoughts on “tulip mania, witch hunts and psychopharmacology

  1. Yes. There are measurable amounts of many pharmaceutical products in our groundwater and in the water supplies of our towns. All are not psychiatric. But none should be there.

    Thanks so much for re-blogging this post. I appreciate your support of my writing..

    I’ve been caught up most recently in trying to understand how we came to have our many national insanities. And more importantly, I’m trying to find ways to help others awaken. I have this fantasy that I need to help us reach the “100th monkey and then we’ll tip over into a mass awakening.

    Thanks again, ((HUGS))


    • Thank you Alice! I appreciate your blog thoughts, sharing awareness and raising consciousness is vital to our collective survival. I certainly do hope and pray that 100th monkey wakes up soon ’cause we’re running outta time. I respect you taking a stand against the pharmaceutical industrial complex, essentially turning the population into sick, dependent zombies for their financial gain. Personal awakening happens when people are finally sick and tired of being sick and tired. Thanks god for the internet… and our gov’t wanted to regulate that, but the people have spoken! Thank you for speaking up against our sick-care system. Hugs!


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