4 thoughts on “Restore your faith in humanity in 4 minutes flat

  1. “The good of humanity…”
    It would seem that all humanity is good for is target practice. Well and torture. Oh and I suppose illegal rendition and illegal detention and then more torture and of course as uttered by the Obama, “AmeriKKKa makes mistakes and admits those mistakes.” Years too late of course.
    A modicum amount of “faith in humanity” might be restored IF a war crimes tribunal is called to order and they should proceed to hold the Bushco regime to account. That might be a good start.
    Oh shit, I apologize for raining cynicism all over your very fine web site…


    • Skulz, i agree with you wholeheartedly. These flimsy admissions amount to BS, like Weapons of Mass Destruction, Pearl Harbor, dozens of false flags coming to light which the gov’t can’t deny any longer. Facts are overwhelming, if and when the cabal falls u can bet the int’l war crimes tribunal will be after their asses, people would love to hang these despots… starting with Bush Sr and Jr., Cheney. No need to apologize if u’r sharing the truth! Thanks for stopping by and sharing comments! 🙂


♥Thanks for sharing♥

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