I Have A Purpose!

This is beautiful Shelby, thank you this affirmation.



When I just want to turn out the lights,
and shut the door and sleep,
I know that things have gotten to me,
And all I seem to do is weep.

But I pick myself up off the ground,
and I look towards the sky.
Though winter is here for awhile,
all the birds will not simply die.

I feel such hopelessness and anger,
and when all I want to do is quit,
I see the sun poke through the clouds,
and it’s not so dark from where I sit.

Life will never be all rosy.
Nor will it always treat me kind.
But I must not forget why I’m here.
I have a purpose to which I’ve been blind.

If a gift has been given to me,
and if what I say is true,
then I have a responsibility,
to keep trying to get through to you.

You may…

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How do Russians feel about the Sanctions and Putin

I’m always impressed by how insightful and level-headed the Russian people are. It also helps that they do not have gov’t controlled MSM like “democratic” nations do. Russia will emerge from this “economic adjustment” stronger than ever.

Life in Russia

I’ve been asked how most Russians feel about what is going on since the sanctions have been put in place. This is a difficult question since it is still playing out. I decided to do some research and found an article that gives a fairly accurate picture of how the public is reacting to the situation. Of course many are concerned by the events and their response varies according to age, gender, education and much more. I’ve asked the question how do they feel about Putin. I’ve only had several disagree with his actions but curiously enough they still support him.


One of the things that this article said was,On the surface, the more sanctions are increased the less Russians seem to become worried”. Let me speak this, if a Russian doesn’t seem worried it means he’s not. Unlike westerners Russians don’t hide their feelings or what they…

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