♪Race against time – Music Themes

For this week’s theme, Johnny chose “RACE AGAINST TIME” to kickstart the New Year!

Student: Why is time so ephemeral? I’m falling in love, and time doesn’t exist. When taking my exam there’s immense time pressure, and yet meditating for 20 mins feels like an hour?

Master: Glances at the clock. Making time in our minds, it can be perceived that way. But does that make it so?

What are we really racing against? Is time just a byproduct of mind? How has it served us, or are we perpetual slaves to it?

Massive Attack – Paradise Circus     Lyrics

♪It’s unfortunate that when we feel a storm
We can roll ourselves over ’cause we’re uncomfortable
Oh well, the devil makes us sin
But we like it when we’re spinning… in his grip♪

Sainkho Namtchylak – Ritual Virtuality  (Many thanks to Bear for intro’in me to Sainkho!♥)

Antony and the Johnsons – The Spirit Was Gone

Yeah Yeah Yeah´s – Our Time

Gerry Rafferty – Baker Street

Songs from the Second Floor – Benny Andersson Band “Story Of a Heart”

Zaz – Prends garde à ta langue

Thievery Corporation – Is it Over?

Inception – Dream is Collapsing (Hans Zimmer)

Photo Art by Michal Babčan (Music: Manhã De Carnaval – Elizete Cardoso)

Happy New Year! Plz don't be grumpy. :)

Happy New Year! Plz don’t be grumpy. 🙂

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Your Subliminal Message, I Repel!

Shelby, you are so beautiful through & through. thanks for gracing us with your divine presence! ❤



A blank page is like a challenge,
it screams at me to speak,
And to look inside myself,
to find what makes me so unique.

I am a wonder and an enigma,
and not just muscle, tissue and bone.
There are depths that beg exploring,
to take a journey into the unknown.

The time for introspection,
is when I just can’t figure out,
what makes me who I am,
and what I think I know, I doubt.

Is there some fundamental flaw,
or a lack of fortitude,
that keeps me vacillating,
about what I do and what I should?

To all the questions in my mind,
am I looking for success,
as defined by a society,
with a perfectionist complex?

Your lies should not define me,
nor should you control my thoughts.
You keep me guessing and obsessing,
over my weight, my looks and my warts.

The outside has no…

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