World Beware! What is Really Behind Angela Merkel’s Subservience to the US?

Thank you Lada for the source info, gauging real German public sentiment, exposing the disinfo & cover-ups!

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I have repeatedly warned last year about the strange and incongruent position of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel in regards to various issues, from NSA surveilance and the return of the German gold, to sanctions against Russia. In all situations, Merkel took position that was submissive to the US and directly contrary to the interests of her own country. In the old days, that would be called treason.

The German newspapers have been circulating rumors that the reason for Merkel’s position is the fact that she aims to become the new Secretary General of the UN. In 2016 Ban Ki Moon’s term expires and the next GenSec has to be a European. However, it is very well known that the only way a UN GenSec can be elected, let alone survive in this post, is when she is approved and in good graces with the USA.

As I wrote previously…

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So, You Are Charlie Hebdo?

Brilliant synopsis in prose. Spot on as usual, why can’t people simply see the truth, or perhaps they just don’t want that responsibility. Plz Big Brother, tell us what to think, feel, be! How did humanity devolve into a bunch of mindless, weak willed pablum pukers… being led to slaughter by elite psychopaths! 😦


I am not charlie

So, you are Charlie Hebdo?
No, you are just a tool.
You have no idea what’s going on,
and you obligingly play the fool.

Please, hashtag all day long.
It’s expected that you will.
They’re laughing at the ease,
in which you swallowed this whole drill.

They staged yet another event,
just to see how far it goes.
The devil’s in the details.
Another fake ID exposed.

I’m going to kill some folks today.
And I will carry my ID.
If I accidentally drop it,
will they give it back to me?

Oh no, my IDs gone!
It’s not anywhere I look.
The cops are on my tail.
I am such a stupid crook!

I shot the cop right in his head,
and he gave to me a nod.
I knew I hit the pavement,
it’s part of the façade.

Show your love for Charlie Hebdo,
while you forget about…

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