♪Shifting Winds – Music Themes

This week Bear has selected “Shifting Winds” as our theme of the week. I find it very timely as we start the new winds-of-change2year, many are shifting their vibration and consciousness to a higher level. I haven’t felt this optimistic in a long time, as our collective shift changes the course of human events for the better! ☼

Quote from Pirates– Mr. Gibbs: “Leverage, says you. I think I feel a change in the wind, says I.”

Shifting Winds of Fortune, showdown is nigh: Ennio Morricone – L’estasi dell’Oro

Who would fight for us? Prokofiev – Dance of the Knights

On the battlefield, the winds of war, fate is a fickle mistress… Carmina Burana: Fortuna imperatrix mundi/ APOTHEOSIS – O’ Fortuna {2 parts} !!

Before form there was silence, from whence everything returns. Julian Bream picks a mean lute! 😀  Vivaldi – Pickett Lute Concerto in D major

This next song is dedicated to Lisa of the Light… all powerful sorceress, of sacred magic, stillness & silence…

♪All your life you’ve never seen a woman
Taken by the wind… Dreams unwind
Love’s a state of mind… ♪   Fleetwood Mac – Rhiannon

In the end, The Shift can only come from our hearts.♥  Romance by Niccolo Paganini – Milan Zelenka

All we are is… Dust in the wind – Kansas & London Symphony Orchestra  Lyrics

WAKE UP PEOPLE, TIMES UP! ☼ Kansas – Live – 1974 – Song For America   Lyrics

Craziest jam session ever… surely heaven waits for you! ☼ Kansas – Carry On Wayward Son live at Canada Jam 1978 (remaster)   Lyrics

The Beatles – Strawberry Fields Forever  *We are as epheme-real as the wind. Shhhhhhhh….

*  http://listverse.com/2013/02/22/10-mind-bending-implications-of-the-many-worlds-theory/



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10 thoughts on “♪Shifting Winds – Music Themes

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  2. There is just something about classical music that takes one to a place like no other. O Fortuna is one of my favorite pieces of all time.

    Thank you for the song. I love Fleetwood Mac and that song. Me and my daddy used to listen to that song all the time. The funny thing is I am really the least of everyone. ❤

    Time to set sail! 😉


    • No words, just pure vibes & emotion! That’s why the classics endure- direct transmission, no mind, just ♪♪. I’m glad that song brought back precious memories, it’s one of my favorites as well.
      Lisa, u’r no more or less than anyone else, plz believe me, you are simply being the best version of you. And everyone else is trying to be the best person they can be given the circumstances in life. Music is great for helping us strive for unity and overcome adversity together. Sounds cheesy, but true. 🙂
      Happy sails to you! ☼


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