Bombshell! Russia to Stop Transit of Gas to EU Through Ukraine!

Ukr bit the hand that fed it once too many times. The IMF and US will float Ukr with loans as long as it serves it’s purpose. But i agree ultimately it will be left in ruin as a failed country. Russia is showing measured response and is about time!

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This is a bombshell that was dropped by Russia earlier today (Good job, Christa!).

It has been officially confirmed! The head of Gazprom Alexei Miller announced that Russia would discontinue the Ukrainian route for Russian gas transit to the EU. I expected this announcement ever since I broke the news of the Turkey/Russia deal on 12/2/14, but I did expect it in a year or two: read here and here. Looks like the time is getting compressed and the pressure for change is intensifying.

I understand at this time the flow of gas through Ukraine has been restricted to 2/5th of the usual volume. However, it appears it will soon be stopped completely.

Russia to switch fully to the Turkish Stream to move the quantities necessary to satisfy all of European demand. Ukraine up till now was responsible for about 50% of the Russian gas transit to the EU…

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