Russian Cuisine – Krupenik

Delicious and historic dish, i know a lovely babushka who still makes this homemade, and hot latkes! 🙂

Life in Russia



The recipe “Krupenik” is undeservedly forgotten today!  In fact this cuisine is very useful, it’s tasty and affordable for any family budget.
When historians mentioned “kasha” in ancient documents, there is no doubt that they were talking about a dish made from buckwheat. Some people say that the .
Indeed, the ancient Slavs believed that buckwheat was a food of legendary heroes. It is considered to be a historical Russian dish, but buckwheat was brought to Russia from Greece (that’s why it’s called in Russian – “grechka”). The birthplace of buckwheat, most likely was in the high mountains of the Himalayas. Wild species of buckwheat grow there today.
I’d like to share with you the recipe, “Krupenik”. Krupenik – it’s a type of casserole made from cereals, often buckwheat.
1 cup of buckwheat
200 grams of dried curds
½ cup of sour cream + 2 t.s.- sour cream

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