Lada’s Predictions: Petrodollar Timeline, Russia’s Game and Ukraine’s Future

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Some very good thoughts from Paul Plane, the host of The Plane Truth show on the Time Monk Radio, followed by my thoughts and predictions. I will be happy to expand on these brief predictions in the future Earth Shift Reports, should my readers be interested.

We all have our own perspective. Paul’s is different from mine, but it’s well-thought-out. Paul is generally very knowledgeable and he poses interesting questions.

Incidentally, next week Paul, his team and I will have a very interesting new interview on The Plane Truth Radio. The topic we are planning is the BRICS, and any other topics that may come up – wherever our spontaneous discussion takes us. Please stay tuned!

This is the continuation of our discussion from: Ex Ukraine PM: West expected Yanukovich to die like Gadaffi and the comment section of Maidan 2 Storms Poroshenko’s Administration in Kiev.

Paul says:

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4 thoughts on “Lada’s Predictions: Petrodollar Timeline, Russia’s Game and Ukraine’s Future

  1. I got an extremely interesting email this morning which provides background about the current Ukraine peace negotiations in Moscow, which include Kiev, Novorossia, Germany and France but exclude Britain and the US.

    According to the email, the Germans have arrested Victoria Nuland’s assistant, who in addition, is an employee of Vanguard Corporation, with almost a billion of high quality fake dollars, printed by Vanguard Corporation. This employee, who also works for the State Department, claims that Vanguard was printing fake dollars, which they and Igor Kolomoyskiy were using these fake dollars to pay mercenaries in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Libya and the Islamic State.

    The Vanguard whistleblower is under German police protection while they investigate.

    Apparently a Russian blogger accessed the German government website somehow and posted this material to her blog нет в мире справедливость (No Justice in the World). It’s in the process of being translated and verified.


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