Jim Willie: US Dollar Will Not Survive 2015!

As much as I would love to see the criminal financial cabal fall, the US dollar will survive for the foreseeable future. The world can not allow the reserve currency to collapse without hurting and collapsing their own financial system and economy. As world reserve currency, the US petrodollar has the distinction of integrating the entire world’s financial affairs, every nation must transact in US dollars for now to purchase oil – this is currently the only system available. This global influence must be unraveled gently without major disruption to trade, banking, and people’s everyday lives. Alternative backup financial systems must be in place, in order for world currencies to transition safely away from the dollar. Russia, China, the BRIC nations are doing just that, accumulating as much gold to create their own gold backed banking system in opposition to the FIAT US dollar. This is the real reason US is always waging war – to enforce US dollar supremacy at the expense of other nations. Therefore the US can run unlimited budget deficits, rack up foreign debt by simply (illegally) printing as much as it wants while stealing the rest of the world’s production value by forcing them to use the worthless currency. The dollar is like a hydra that needs it tentacles trimmed back, without killing the host. US dollar has 4-5 years to unravel, enjoy while it lasts! I recommend you refer to Lada Ray’s blog for timeline and more predictions.

Russian Poet – Aleksandr Pushkin

There’s so much timeless truth in this poem, thx for sharing!

Life in Russia


Aleksandr Pushkin

“Oh, Rome — a Proud Land…”

Oh, Rome — a proud land of lechery, of evil,

It’ll come the trial’s day — a hammer and an anvil.

I see the end of your ‘eternal’ reign:

Your crown, in the dust, will never rise again.

The youthful nations — suns of bloody battle —

Will raise the sword above your people-cattle,

Just leaving after them the mountains and seas,

And flooding all your land as waters of the streams.

The Rome will fall; it will be covered by a darkness;

And, just a traveler, while seeing stones’ vastness,

And lost in gloomy thoughts, at last will give a yell:

“By freedom Rome’s bred, by slavery it’s felled.

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