“Smart” Meters? CPUC & PG&E… “FAT CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG: Utility commissioner’s [Michael Peevey] private emails reveal conspiracy”

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smart_meter_on_fire_from_video A “smart” meter… it will even heat your home (or burn it down)…

This is perhaps the first time I’ve paid attention to an article about “smart” meters. Of course, I’ve heard of them, and know of some who have had major problems with them, or with resisting the public utilities commissions that want to install them.

Let’s be clear… who profits from these meters? Clearly, the utility companies, the smart meter manufacturers, and, very likely, the ones on those “for the public” commissions who approve them. And this example of PUC/utility company corruption is I’m sure one of many examples that will be exposed.

The video of the December 14, 2014, CPUC public meeting is very powerful, and I would recommend to anyone, like myself, whose “smart” meter awareness was limited.

Found at NoLiesRadio.org. The images of emails, below, may be downloaded as well here, and here

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