Dear Women! Happy International Women’s Day!

Thanks dear Lada for sharing the joy of celebrating Intl Women’s day! Perhaps the US would recognize women someday and join the rest of the world, alas our patriarchal “leaders” are too busy waging war with the world. Apparently they have forgotten the sacred feminine within. 😉 Some flowers for you!! ❤×400/ukraine-women-day.jpg?1

Ah the politics of love. 🙂

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There are lots of beautiful holidays in the world. March 8 is one of my personal favorites. To me it’s associated with spring, smiles, and the intoxicating fragrance of tulips, delicate bells of the lily of the valley and sweetness of the mimosa flowers.

On March 8 the world celebrates the International Women’s Day. This holiday started over 100 years ago in Russia as a celebration of women’s rights and anti-war movement. Years later it became popular the world over as a holiday for women of all ages, when mothers, wives and daughters can kick back and allow themselves to be treated as pampered goddesses, letting men do the chores, bring them flowers, lavish them with massages and tickets to sold-out shows.

Find out how this holiday is celebrated in Russia and beyond from my eternally popular piece on Lada Ray Blog, combining history, reflections, memories and rare images: March 8…

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It’s our right to declare our personal sovereignty against those who wish to cause us harm. therefore it is our sacred duty to inform others the same, so we may experience this reality without unwarranted interference, to express our “free will” and “pursuit of happiness”.
It is our birthright to express what is in our hearts, to create and contribute to the whole – for the Public Record.
There is immutable Natural/ Cosmic Law, it is imperative we declare our sovereignty as an individual entity and take the power back – for everyone!