Human Rights Watch: Uses photo of US bombing destruction of Syria to condemn Assad

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Putting its hypocritical and biased nature on full display once again, the alleged human rights organization, Human Rights Watch, was recently caught in an attempt to fabricate “evidence” of Assad’s use of barrel bombs in civilian areas for the purposes of further demonizing the secular Syrian government. BRANDON TURBEVILLE*

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FSKN: Money From the Sale of Drugs are Used to Fund the “Color Revolutions”

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FSKN: Money From the Sale of Drugs are Used to Fund the “Color Revolutions”

About $1 trillion comes into the world economy every year from drug trafficking
Funds derived from illegal drug trafficking, are actively used for the financing of the “color revolutions”, emphasises the Federal Service for Drug Control (FSKN).

“We must not forget that besides the influence on the economic system, proceeds from the drug trade are used to finance terrorism, and the organization of mass actions of civil disobedience, “color revolutions”, said today the First Deputy head of Federal Drug Control Service Vladimir Kalanda, speaking in Yerevan at the round table in the framework of the forum “Eurasian Economic Perspective”.

So, according to him, in Ukraine “among the most active participants of the Maidan were representatives of the so-called non-governmental organizations sectarian wing, which allegedly were engaged in the rehabilitation of drug users”.
They currently noted Kalanda…

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